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/* Remark (ssp): I changed this a lot. It may be technically less correct now but hopefully more readable. It reads like 'Couldn't find an application that can deal with the protocol of the selected location.' Reasons are (a) you can't really 'set' things in OSX (b) there are no more 'helper applications' and (c) nobody knows what a 'scheme' is.

I believe I addressed (c) with the example. I don't want to be technically incorrect: scheme is the correct word to use. You can actually do (a) and (b) - Internet Config is still semi-functional, and you can set helpers with Internet Explorer, More Internet, MisFox, or one of the other third-party settings panels. But by the same token, you're right; since applications can now claim to handle schemes without any configuration, it's incorrect.

Here's what Safari says:

Cannot go to “blf://hi”, because Mac OS X doesn’t recognize addresses starting with “blf:”.

Further suggestion: put the actual scheme name into the error message */

Laziness again. I'll try to get to it, it's just that I have to do string manipulation on Pascal strings then convert back to a CFString, which is slightly more annoying. Once I do this, I will switch to use the 'starting with...' wording above instead of 'scheme', since it does seem to be friendlier.

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