01/06/03 13:05:29 (19 years ago)
Nicholas Riley

Pester 1.1b1.

PSPowerManager: Fixed delegate method selectors to better reflect what
is going on (Apple's docs in IOKit Fundamentals help with this; the
kIOMessage*Sleep constants are really poorly named).

VERSION: Updated for 1.1b1.

PSSpeechAlert.h: Fixed company name.

PSAlert.[hm]: Added -prepareForAlarm: to support PSWakeAlert.

PSTimer.[hm]: Replacement for NSTimer that works properly across
sleep/wake cycles and will schedule wake timers.

PSAlerts.[hm]: Added -prepareForAlarm: to support PSWakeAlert.

Read Me.rtfd: Updated for 1.1b1.

PSAlarm.[hm]: Added -setWakeUp:, invoke -[PSAlerts prepareForAlarm],
replaced alarm timer NSTimer with PSTimer.

PSApplication.[hm]: Replaced dock update timer NSTimer with PSTimer.
Uncovered some issues, need to fix later. Enable alarm discard for
beta release.

PSWakeAlert.[hm]: Shared alert implementation for wakeup. Doesn't do
anything at trigger time, but uses new preparation interface to work
at alarm set time (should work for repeating alarms too, but I didn't
bother to test...)

PSAlarmSetController.m: Added support for PSWakeAlert. Save default
alert information on quit. Removed debug statements on hide/unhide;
it works fine regardless of whether the app is explicitly hidden or
the window hides itself.

PSAlarms.m: PSTimer support - invoke +[PSTimer setUp] to initialize
timer list.

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  • trunk/Cocoa/Pester/Source/PSAlarmAlertController.m

    r53 r61  
    4141    unsigned count = [pendingAlerts count];
    4242    [pendingAlerts removeObject: alert];
    43     NSLog(@"removed: %@; still pending: %@", alert, [pendingAlerts description]);
    44     NSLog(@"alarm: %@ retainCount %d", [notification object], [[notification object] retainCount]);
     43    // NSLog(@"removed: %@; still pending: %@", alert, [pendingAlerts description]);
     44    // NSLog(@"alarm: %@ retainCount %d", [notification object], [[notification object] retainCount]);
    4545    NSAssert2([pendingAlerts count] == count - 1, @"alert not in set: %@\n%@", alert, notification);
    4646    if ([pendingAlerts count] == 0) {
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