02/24/08 10:12:02 (13 years ago)
Nicholas Riley

Info.plists, VERSION.xcconfig: Using Dave Dribin's build configuration
trick to propagate ${CURRENT_MARKETING_VERSION}. Updated for 2.0d2.

InfoPlist?.strings: Remove unnecessary repeated localization; update
copyright date.

Read Me: Updated for 2.0d2.

FSAnywhere.[hm]: F-Script 2.0a2 is the minimum version. Remove
FSA_VERSION (it's propagated from CURRENT_MARKETING_VERSION during
build) and turn on FSA_DEBUG.

F-Script Anywhere.xcodeproj: Updated for Xcode 3, Leopard only, etc.
Development build is still broken on inject and Deployment app build
is currently -O0 for debugging.

FSAApp.mm: Grammar/formatting cleanups. Some annoying race conditions
on startup still exist.

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  • trunk/Cocoa/F-Script Anywhere/Source/Read Me

    r230 r409  
    1 F-Script Anywhere 1.2 [5 January 2004]
    2 =====================
     1F-Script Anywhere 2.0d2 [24 February 2008]
    44Add a F-Script interpreter to Cocoa applications dynamically.
    6 Written by Nicholas Riley <mailto:fsa@sabi.net>.
     6Written by Nicholas Riley <mailto:fsa@sabi.net> and Robert Chin.
    77Obtain updates from <http://web.sabi.net/nriley/software/>.
    2424directory, such as /Library/Frameworks or ~/Library/Frameworks.
    26 F-Script Anywhere 1.2 was tested with FScript.framework 1.2.5
    27 (20031020) and Mac OS X 10.3.2 (7D24).  If you are using an earlier
    28 F-Script version, please upgrade.  F-Script Anywhere 1.2 should also
    29 work with Mac OS X 10.2.x, but will not work with Mac OS X 10.1 or
    30 earlier: please use F-Script Anywhere 1.1.5 instead.
     26F-Script Anywhere 2.0d2 was tested with FScript.framework 2.0a2 and
     27Mac OS X 10.5.2 (9C31).  If you are using an earlier F-Script version,
     28please upgrade.  F-Script Anywhere 2.0 requires Mac OS X 10.5 or
     29later; if you're using Mac OS X 10.4, download F-Script 1.3.5
     30(20070421) which includes F-Script Anywhere 1.3.
    65641. Install FScript.framework (see above).
    67 2. Check out the source of 'otool' from the Darwin CVS repository.
    68    This is required because there's a bug in the function that returns
    69    the 'flavo(u)r' of an application: Cocoa, Carbon, Classic, etc.
    70    It identifies all Cocoa applications as Carbon ones.  So as a
    71    workaround, F-Script Anywhere examines the application itself to
    72    see what libraries it links with.  (This may fail if you're doing
    73    something weird like linking to development versions of Foundation
    74    and AppKit, but since I don't work for Apple, I couldn't test that
    75    eventuality.)
    77    Check out Commands/Apple/cctools/{include,libstuff} from Darwin
    78    CVS into the "Darwin source" directory.  If you don't have a CVS
    79    account, go to <http://www.opensource.apple.com/> and get one.
    81    cd to the libstuff directory and type 'make' (it doesn't use
    82    jam/pbxbuild).  I _think_ this is all you need.
    84 3. Unzip DSTools-60.1.zip. Open the folder up and open
    85    DSTools.xcodeproj. Change the active target to the DSCL framework,
    86    change the build configuration to Deployment, and then build the
    87    framework. Copy the resulting framework into the FSA Source/
    88    directory. Alternatively if you're on PPC, you can just remove the
    89    DSCL framework from the dependancies. The DSCL framework is used
    90    to determine if you are in the procmod group on intel machines
    91    (and if not, to prompt you if you want to add yourself) -- something
    92    that is necessary for use of FSA on x86.
    94 4. Unzip FScript.framework.zip, or put a newer version of FScript.framework
    95    in the project path. This is used for the FScript framework auto installer.
     662. In the "Darwin source" directory, check out Darwin's cctools from
     67   <http://www.opensource.apple.com/>, untar it and rename the
     68   directory to "cctools".  cd to the libstuff directory and type
     69   'make RC_CFLAGS="-isysroot /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.4u.sdk -arch i386 -arch ppc" RC_XBS=YES dynamic'.
     713. Put a version of FScript.framework into the Source folder. This
     72   is used for the F-Script framework auto installer.
    97 5. Open 'F-Script Anywhere.xcodeproj' in Xcode and build the Application
     744. Open 'F-Script Anywhere.xcodeproj' in Xcode and build the Application
    9875   target.  This target depends on the Bundle and Bundle Loader
    9976   targets, so you don't need to build them separately.  You
    161138A. If you need to access a view (such as a button or text field), menu or
    162139   window, youÕre in luck.  Click in an F-Script workspace window, then
    163    choose ÒAssociate With InterfaceÓ from the ÒFSAÓ menu.
     140   click or choose ÒBrowser for TargetÉÓ from the ÒFSAÓ menu.
    164141   Follow the instructions in the window to select a user interface
    165142   element, view it in an object browser or assign it to a variable.
    167144   The F-Script object browser now provides a similar feature: click the
    168    "Select view" button.
     145   ÒSelect ViewÓ button.
    184161A. That's not a question.  But if you have a question about F-Script
    185162   Anywhere, a suggestion or a bug to report, please email it to me at
    186    <fsa@sabi.net>.  Please try to keep your messages short and to the
    187    point, and I'll get back to you as soon as my schedule will allow.
    188    Thanks!
     163   <fsa@sabi.net>.  I'll get back to you as soon as my schedule will
     164   allow.  Thanks!
    193 1.3   - 5 May     2006  - Fixed leaking of file handles
     1692.0   - unreleased      - Injectable into Cocoa garbage collected apps
     170                        - Requires F-Script 2.0 and Mac OS X 10.5
     1711.3.1 - 17 October 2007 - Compatible with Mac OS X 10.5
     1721.3   - 5 May 2006      - Fixed leaking of file handles
    194173                        - Removed deprecated F-Script functions
    195174                        - New associate option that automatically
    262241Philippe Mougin, for F-Script
    263 Jonathan 'Wolf' Rentsch, for mach_inject
     242Robert Chin, for maintenance and Intel/Leopard porting
     243Jonathan 'Wolf' Rentsch and Bertrand GuihŽneuf, for mach_inject
    264244Jon Gotow, for SCPatch and lots of advice
    265245Mike Ferris, for TextExtras
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