05/14/05 20:11:04 (19 years ago)
Nicholas Riley

ICeCoffEE 1.4.2b1

VERSION, ui.plist, Info*.plist, InfoPlist.strings: Updated for 1.4.2b1.

APEMain.m: Removed PBX support.

ICeCoffEE.[hm]: Don't ICCF_OSErr(C)Assert if we get userCanceledErr:
part of fixing extraneous exception when not selecting anything from
the helper app menu. ICCF_KeyboardAction() and
ICCF_LaunchURLFromTextView() now take an event parameter - since we
have stuff on a timer now, means we get the key modifier state at
mousedown time, rather than some arbitrary time later.
ICCF_LaunchURL() returns NO if the user cancelled, so we don't need to
throw an exception to stop the URL blinking. Moved sanitized mouse
down event generation to ICCF_MouseDownEventWithModifierFlags(). Only
update Services menu at app launch on Panther. Use a timer to delay
URL launching in NSTextView on Tiger, so we accommodate
command-multiple clicking for discontiguous selection. Remove that
ugly goto.

ICeCoffEEShared.h: Turn off debugging in preparation for (beta)

ICeCoffEETerminal.m: Update for new ICCF_LaunchURL() return.

ICeCoffEETrigger.[hm]: Singleton timer wrapper for discontiguous
selection compatibility on Tiger. Singleton global is exported for
efficiency since we have to check it on every mouse down.

ICeCoffEEWebKit.m: Removed incorrect comment (what was I thinking?)
Update for new ICCF_LaunchURL() return. Properly highlight before
ICCF_LaunchURL(), especially noticable with menu.

APEInfo.rtfd: More fixes and updates, final for 1.4.2b1.

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  • trunk/ICeCoffEE/ICeCoffEE/APEMain.m

    r181 r183  
    126126    // XXX handle patching error return from ICCF_PatchMethod
    127127    if (bundleID != NULL) {
    128         if (ICCF_CFBundleIDMatches(bundleID, CFSTR("com.apple.projectbuilder")) ||
    129             ICCF_CFBundleIDMatches(bundleID, CFSTR("com.apple.xcode"))) {
     128        if (ICCF_CFBundleIDMatches(bundleID, CFSTR("com.apple.xcode"))) {
    130129            ICCF_PatchMethod("PBXTextView", "ICeCoffEEMenuOnly", "ICeCoffEEMenuSuper", "menuForEvent:");
    131130            ICapeprintf("ICeCoffEE APE: loaded in PBXTextView for PB!\n");
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