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F-Script Anywhere 1.1.5

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    r14 r16  
    1 F-Script Anywhere 1.1.2 [18 July 2002]
     1F-Script Anywhere 1.1.5 [1 October 2002]
    2424directory, such as /Library/Frameworks or ~/Library/Frameworks.
    26 F-Script Anywhere 1.1.2 was tested with FScript.framework 1.2.2
    27 (20020604) and Mac OS X 10.1.5 (5S66).  It may or may not work with
    28 earlier or later versions, I don't know.  If you are using an earlier
    29 F-Script version, please upgrade.
     26F-Script Anywhere 1.1.5 was tested with FScript.framework 1.2.2
     27(20020604), Mac OS X 10.1.5 (5S66) and 10.2.1 (6D52).  It may or may
     28not work with earlier or later versions, I don't know.  If you are
     29using an earlier F-Script version, please upgrade.
    65651. Install FScript.framework (see above).
    67 2. Install libPatch by Ed Wynne.
    69    <http://www.phasic.com/~arwyn/libPatch-1.2.tgz>
     672. Install libPatch 1.2.1.
     69   <http://web.sabi.net/nriley/software/libPatch-1.2.1.tgz>
    7171   I'd suggest you do it this way:
    7373   % cd /
    74    % sudo gnutar --preserve-permissions -zxf libPatch-1.2.tgz
     74   % sudo gnutar --preserve-permissions -zxf libPatch-1.2.1.tgz
    7575   Password:
    7676     (please don't use StuffIt Expander)
    8282   Please note that the layout of the libPatch distribution has changed
    8383   since libPatch 1.0; the above instructions will not work for 1.0.
     85   I did not write libPatch, but am distributing it for your convenience
     86   because it may be unavailable from its original source.  libPatch is
     87   unsupported; please do not contact libPatchÕs author for support.
    85893. Check out the source of 'otool' from the Darwin CVS repository.
    1021064. Open 'F-Script Anywhere.pbproj' in Project Builder and build the
    103107   Application target.  It depends on the Library target, so you don't
    104    need to build it separately.  You shouldn't see any errors or
     108   need to build it separately.  You shouldnÕt see any errors or
    105109   warnings, and the F-Script Anywhere application (as well as the
    106110   library, which you can ignore because it is also copied into the
    163167Q. ThatÕs too hard, especially all that scrolling.
    165 A. If you need to access a view (such as a button or text field) or
     169A. If you need to access a view (such as a button or text field), menu or
    166170   window, youÕre in luck.  Click in an F-Script workspace window, then
    167171   choose ÒAssociate With InterfaceÓ from the ÒFSAÓ menu.
    172176Q. F-Script Anywhere fails miserably on Jaguar.
    174 A. So IÕve heard (I donÕt have access to Jaguar developer seeds).  This
    175    is an issue with libPatch, and affects far more than F-Script Anywhere.
    176    Default Folder X and UnsanityÕs haxies are similarly rendered useless.
    177    A Jaguar-compatible replacement for libPatch is under development,
    178    but it does not yet contain support for applications such as F-Script
    179    Anywhere (which is unique in its use of libPatch).  IÕll fix this
    180    as soon as it does.
    183 Q. I don't like F-ScriptÕs syntax.  I don't like the object browser.
    184    I don't like you either.
     178A. It shouldnÕt.  Apple re-added support for libPatch to Jaguar late
     179   in the development process, with the result that F-Script Anywhere
     180   works.  libPatch nevertheless needs to be replaced with a more
     181   robust mechanism, and I am currently working on using the Application
     182   Enhancer SDK <http://www.unsanity.com/haxies/ape/sdk/> for a future
     183   version of F-Script Anywhere.
     186Q. F-Script Anywhere fails to recognize Spring as a Cocoa application.
     188A. Yes, I'm aware of the irony: I contributed code to Spring.  Spring
     189   uses a unique application launching mechanism which makes it
     190   difficult to determine what type of application it is.  The only
     191   current workaround is to upgrade to Jaguar, where Spring will be
     192   correctly identified.  This problem will be remedied with the move
     193   to Application Enhancer, described above, in a future version of
     194   F-Script Anywhere.
     197Q. I donÕt like F-ScriptÕs syntax.  I don't like the object browser.
     198   I donÕt like you either.
    186200A. I didnÕt write F-Script.  Please address your questions to
     2201.1.5 - 1 October 2002  - better identify Cocoa vs. Carbon applications
     221                          on Jaguar; added hierarchical window list to
     222                          FSA menu; fixed startup crash on Puma with
     223                          certain Carbon CFM applications
     2241.1.4 - 25 August 2002  - fixed miscellaneous Jaguar issues; worked
     225                          around broken application quit notifications;
     226                          added unique interpreter/associate window titles
     2271.1.3 - 24 July 2002    - added bullseye-menu targeting cursor; added menu
     228                          association; work around bug by stopping capture
     229                          on suspend; added delegate, data source, target,
     230                          cell selection for views; window controller for
     231                          windows
    2062321.1.2 - 18 July 2002    - fixed more startup issues with list management;
    207233                          properly scale icons of apps which have no
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