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6        <title>What's new in Pester</title>
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13        <tr><th>Pester 1.1 beta 8 (25)</th></tr>
14        <tr><td><ul>
15            <li>Open the Set Alarm window in the current Space when triggered with a keyboard equivalent or the Dock menu.</li>
16            <li>If the Set Alarm window was visible when Pester was last active, prevent it from switching Spaces and obscuring a notification alert.</li>
17            <li>(Re-)added optional dock icon bouncing, which works more reliably.</li>
18            <li>Restored “today” item to date completion menus.</li>
19            <li>Fixed horizontal resizing glitches in the Alarms window.</li>
20            <li>Save the most recent alarm message across runs of Pester.</li>
21            <li>Disable the “–” button when it would do nothing.</li>
22            <li>Handle Chilean time zone CLT.</li>
23            <li>Added “days” and “weeks” alarm interval units.</li>
24        </ul></td></tr>
26<p />
28        <tr><th>Pester 1.1 beta 7 (24)</th></tr>
29        <tr><td><ul>
30            <li>Fixed “Snooze until” times being an hour late in some time zones.</li>
31            <li>Fixed speech voices displaying as dotted identifiers instead of names.</li>
32            <li>Fixed crash on launch on PowerPC Macs running Leopard.</li>
33        </ul></td></tr>
35<p />
37        <tr><th>Pester 1.1 beta 6 (22)</th></tr>
38        <tr><td><ul>
39            <li>Repeating alarms continue to repeat if they didn’t expire while Pester was not running.</li>
40            <li>(Re-)added speech alerts.</li>
41            <li>Alert help tags in the alarm list appear correctly in Leopard.</li>
42            <li>Changes to the field you’re editing are saved when switching between “in” and “at”.</li>
43            <li>Corrected validation of the alert repetition field which allowed you to specify zero (blank) or over 99 repetitions.</li>
44            <li>Pester 1.0 alarms no longer create duplicates of themselves on import.</li>
45        </ul></td></tr>
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