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Info-Pester.plist: Updated for build 23.

NJRHotKey.m: Cosmetic cleanup.

PSAlarm.[hm]: Fix -[PSAlarm time] to work properly, though it no
longer has any clients.

PSSnoozeUntilController.m: Fix snooze until time being off by an hour
as displayed, or if edited, in some time zones.

PSSpeechAlert.m: Display the voice name instead of its identifier in
the description.

Pester.xcodeproj: Misc.

release-notes.html: Updated for build 23.

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4 <title>What's new in Pester</title>
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6 <link href="release-notes.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" media="all">
11 <tr><th colspan="2">Pester 1.1 beta 6 (23)</th></tr>
12 <tr><td class="icon"></td>
13 <td>
14 <ul>
15 <li>Repeating alarms continue to repeat if they didn’t expire while Pester was not running.</li>
16 <li>(Re-)added speech alerts.</li>
17 <li>Alert help tags in the alarm list appear correctly in Leopard.</li>
18 <li>Changes to the field you’re editing are saved when switching between “in” and “at”.</li>
19 <li>Corrected validation of the alert repetition field which allowed you to specify zero (blank) or over 99 repetitions.</li>
20 <li>Pester 1.0 alarms no longer create duplicates of themselves on import.</li>
21 <li>Fixed “Snooze until” times being an hour late in some time zones.</li>
22 </ul>
23 </td>
24 </tr>
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