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     1= Installing and running Trac on Mac OSX =
     3Fink ( can be used to install most of Trac's dependencies:
     5 $ apt-get install sqlite
     6 $ fink install svn-client svn-swig-py
     9Subversion is currently in fink's unstable tree (this will probably change soon).
     10This means that you have to use fink to compile the packages instead of simply using
     11apt-get to download the binaries directly. This will take some time but should work.
     13The last two dependencies (pysqlite and clearsilver) can't be installed using fink,
     14you have to download and install them manually.
     16== clearsilver ==
     18Download latest version from Compile it with Python
     19support and install it in the fink prefix.
     21 $ ./configure --prefix=/sw/ --with-python=/sw/bin/python2.3
     22 $ make install
     24You might have to modify some some hard coded /usr/local/bin/python path to /sw/bin/python2.3
     25in some file when running {{{make install}}}.
     27== pysqlite ==
     29The file {{{}}} in the pysqlite distribution doesn't recognize the darwin platform so you'll
     30have to add the following lines to {{{}}} (it should be quite obvious where):
     32elif sys.platform == "darwin":
     33    include_dirs = ['/sw/include/']
     34    library_dirs = ['/sw/lib/']
     35    libraries = [sqlite]
     36    runtime_library_dirs = []
     37    extra_objects = []
     40After that modification the installation should simply be:
     42 $ /sw/bin/python2.3 ./ install
     45== Installing Trac itself ==
     47You should now be all set to install Trac using the TracInstall instructions. Make sure to use
     48{{{/sw/bin/python2.3}}} when running the {{{}}} script.
     50I had some problems getting apples personal web-server (apache 1.3) to run trac.cgi with the correct
     51python interpreter (/sw/bin/python2.3) so I placed this dummy {{{trac.cgi}}} in
     54#! /bin/sh
     55/sw/bin/python2.3 /somewhere/cgi-bin/trac.cgi
     59Keep in mind that these instructions were written from the top of my mind and might be
     60incomplete and contain some errors. If you find any errors please correct them by
     61editing this page and/or contacting me -- JonasBorgstrom