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    44Trac has a built-in functionality for visualizing “diffs” - changes to files.
    6 When viewing a repository check-in, such as when following a
    7 changeset [wiki:TracLinks link] or a changeset event in the
    8 [wiki:TracTimeline timeline], Trac will display the exact changes
    9 made by the check-in.
     6There are different kinds of ''change sets''.
     7Some can correspond to revisions made in the repositories,
     8others can aggregate changes made in several revisions,
     9but in the end, any kind of differences could be shown.
    11 The changeset view consists of two parts, the ''header'' and the ''diff views''.
     11The changeset view consists of two parts, the ''header''
     12and the ''diff views''.
    1314== Changeset Header ==
    2021 * Message -- A brief description from the author (the commit log message)
    2122 * Files -- A list of files affected by this changeset
     24If more than one revision is involved in the set of changes being
     25displayed, the ''Timestamp'', ''Author'' and ''Message'' fields
     26won't be shown.
    2328In front of each listed file, you'll find  a colored rectangle. The color
    4146In addition, various advanced options are available in the preferences form for adjusting the display of the diffs:
    4247 * You can set how many lines are displayed before and after every change
     48   (if the value ''all'' is used, then the full file will be shown)
    4349 * You can toggle whether blank lines, case changes and white space changes are ignored, thereby letting you find the functional changes more quickly
     52== The Different Ways to Get a Diff ==
     54=== Examining a Changeset ===
     56When viewing a repository check-in, such as when following a
     57changeset [wiki:TracLinks link] or a changeset event in the
     58[wiki:TracTimeline timeline], Trac will display the exact changes
     59made by the check-in.
     61There will be also navigation links to the ''Previous Changeset''
     62to and ''Next Changeset''.
     65'''Note: all of the following will only be available in Trac [milestone:0.10]'''
     67=== Examining Differences Between Revisions ===
     69A very frequent need is to look at changes made on a file
     70or on a directory spanning multiple revisions.
     71The easiest way to get there is from the TracRevisionLog,
     72where one can select the '''old''' and the '''new''' revisions
     73of the path being examined, and then click the ''View changes''
     76=== Examining Arbitrary Differences ===
     78One of the main feature of source configuration management
     79systems is the possibility to work simultaneously on alternate
     80''Lines of Developments'', or ''branches''.
     81The evolution of branches are often made in parallel, making it
     82sometimes difficult to understand the exact set of differences
     83between alternative versions.
     85This is where Trac comes to the rescue:
     86the '''View changes ...''' button in the TracBrowser
     87leads to a form permitting the selection of arbitrary
     88''From:'' and ''To:'' path/revision pairs.
     90The resulting set of differences consist in the changes
     91that should be applied to the ''From:'' content in order
     92to make it look like the ''To:'' content.
     94For convenience, it is possible to invert the roles
     95of the '''old''' and the '''new''' path/revision pairs
     96by clicking the ''Reverse Diff'' link on the changeset page.
     98=== Checking the Last Change ===
     100The last possibility for looking at changes is
     101to have a quick look on the ''Last Change'' while
     102browsing a file or a directory.
     104This shows the last change that happened on that path.
     105The links ''Previous Changeset'' and ''Next Changeset''
     106are replace by links to ''Previous Change'' and ''Next Change'',
     107which makes it really convenient to traverse the change history
     108of a specific file or directory.
     109This view of a changeset, restricted to a specific path,
     110is called ''restricted changeset''.
     112Of course, if one is doing that on the root of the
     113repository, there will be no path restriction
     114and the full changeset will be shown.