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     1= Trac Changeset Module =
     2Trac has a built-in functionality for visualizing diffs - changes to files.
     4== The Changeset View ==
     6When viewing a commited changeset, such as when clicking a changeset
     7[wiki:TracLinks TracLink] or a changeset event-line in the
     8[wiki:TracTimeline timeline], Trac will display what changes this current set
     9of patches imposes.
     12The changeset view consists of two parts, the '''header''' and the '''diff view'''.
     14=== Changeset Header ===
     16The diff body shows an overview of the whole changeset.
     17Here you will find information such as:
     19 * Revision -- The unique revision ID for this changeset.
     20 * Timestamp -- When the changeset was commited.
     21 * Author -- Who commited the changeset.
     22 * Message -- A brief description from the author (the commit log message).
     23 * Files -- A list of files affected by this changeset.
     25In front of each listed file, you'll find  a colored rectangle. The color
     26indicates how the file is affected by the changeset.
     28 * Green: Added
     29 * Red: Removed
     30 * Orange: Modified
     32The color legend is located below the header as a reminder.
     34=== Diff View ===
     35Below the header is the main part of the changeset, the diff view.
     37Each file is shown in a separate section, divided by a dashed line in the
     38center. This is a '''side-by-side''' view showing only the portions of the file
     39affected by this changeset.
     41On the left hand side are the contents of the old version of the file, on the
     42right side the new. To visualize the difference between the old and new
     43version, each block of lines altered by the changeset has a colored
     44background. The color reflect the change, and the meaning the same as in the
     45header (see above).
     48See also: TracGuide, TracBrowser