01/05/03 23:02:48 (20 years ago)
Nicholas Riley

PSScriptAlert.m: Removed reference to NDAppleScriptObject.

PSMovieAlertController.[hm]: Added minimum sizing.

NJRCenteringMovieView.[hm]: Support for centering movie inside its
frame if the frame is too large for the movie; sizes movie
proportionally if necessary (not used in Pester).

NSImage-NJRExtensions.[hm]: Fixed copyright.

Read Me.rtfd: Updated with bug fixes.

PSMovieAlert.m: Note bug in NSMovieView, currently doesn't affect us.

NJRQTMediaPopUpButton.m: Work around background processor use bug when
NSMovieView has movie set but not playing.

NJRVoicePopUpButton.m: Removed obsolete comment.

PSApplication.m: Only show alarm set window on rapp if alerts aren't

PSAlarms.[hm]: Added -alarmsExpiring for support of conditional
rapp window open feature in PSApplication.

PSAlarmSetController.m: Stop window update timer and movie playback on
hide, restart timer on activate - fixes background processor usage.

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