11/10/02 11:14:59 (20 years ago)
Nicholas Riley

Pester 1.1a2.

English.lproj/Credits.html: Fixed some HTML formatting issues, added Ben Hines to credits (thanks for helping out with 1.1a1 testing!)

English.lproj/InfoPlist.strings: Updated for 1.1a2.

English.lproj/MainMenu.nib: Reconnected initialFirstResponder outlet on the window; somehow it became disconnected. Fixed keyboard navigation loop. Removed formatters from date/time fields which were causing crashes on launch on 10.2 (they're instantiated from code in any case). Removed text from date field because it didn't work without the formatter.

NJRDateFormatter: Workaround for 10.2 NSScanner bug [Ben Hines].

NJRQTMediaPopUpButton: Remove corrupt JPEG note, can no longer reproduce. Removed -validateRecentMedia invocation, debug code shouldn't have been left in.

PSAlarmSetController: Set alerts before setting alarm, otherwise alarm in bogus state remains. Set date to today in awakeFromNib, moved from the nib. Disconnect initial first responder to work around 10.1 bug so keyboard focus is set properly when the window opens.

Pester.pbproj: Added VERSION.

Read Me.rtfd: Updated for 1.1a2.

VERSION: Updated for 1.1a2.

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  • trunk/Cocoa/Pester/Source/NJRDateFormatter.m

    r43 r45  
    2222    NSScanner *scanner = [NSScanner scannerWithString: format];
     23    int formatLength = [format length];
    2324    NSRange range;
    2425    [scanner setCharactersToBeSkipped: [NSCharacterSet characterSetWithCharactersInString: @""]];
     26    // NSLog(@"format:withoutComponent: trying to excise %c from %@", component, format);
    2527    while ([scanner scanUpToString: @"%" intoString: nil] || ![scanner isAtEnd]) {
    2628        range.location = [scanner scanLocation];
     29        // NSLog(@"location: %d/%d, remaining: %@%@", range.location, formatLength, [format substringFromIndex: range.location], [scanner isAtEnd] ? @", isAtEnd" : @"");
     30        // XXX works fine without keeping track of length in 10.1.5; in 10.2, [scanner scanUptoString:intoString:] still returns YES even when scanner is at end and thereÕs nothing left to scan, and if you start accessing the string past the end... *boom*
     31        if (range.location >= formatLength) break;
    2732        [scanner scanUpToCharactersFromSet: [NSCharacterSet letterCharacterSet] intoString: nil];
    2833        if ([format characterAtIndex: [scanner scanLocation]] == component) {
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