03/01/08 02:58:52 (14 years ago)
Nicholas Riley

English.lproj/APE Manager plugin.nib: Wording cleanups; the edit
button works now.

English.lproj/APEInfo.rtfd: Updated for 1.5b1.

English.lproj/Select services.nib: Removed reference to
non-highlighting outline view; use source list highlighting on

ICeCoffEE.xcodeproj: More decruftification.

ICeCoffEEInvertingTextFieldCell.[hm]: Non-colored text becomes white
(why doesn't Apple's implementation do this?).

ICeCoffEEServicePrefController.m: Service shown/hidden/mixed
selections slightly more abstracted, and now stored in tags rather
than represented object (which is already in use). Still no
localization support. Fix scroll bar non-appearance.

Installer components/ui/ui.plist: Replaced version info with empty
placeholders since it's now script-populated; require OS X 10.5 until
I've had a chance to test on an earlier version.

VERSION.xcconfig: Updated for 1.5b1.

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