02/22/08 19:53:07 (12 years ago)
Nicholas Riley

APEMain.m: Note missing Xcode 3 support. Add Terminal 2.0 support.

English.lproj/APE Manager plugin.nib:


ICeCoffEE.[hm]: Bring triggering window and app to front if error
dialog displayed in ICCF_HandleException. Remove initial word
selection. Launch preexisting selection if present. Remove 10.3
support. Update for new ICeCoffEETrigger API. Rename downEvent
parameter for consistency.

ICeCoffEE.xcodeproj: Added files.

ICeCoffEEParser.m: Handle multiline URLs.

ICeCoffEETTView.[hm]: Terminal 2.0 support (thank you for having a
usable NSTextInput implementation!)

ICeCoffEETTViewTrigger.[hm]: ICeCoffEETrigger implementation for
TTView. Can't set range as we do for NSTextView because you can't
have an arbitrary empty selection range in Terminal, so we pass it
directly to ICCF_LaunchURLFromTTView.

ICeCoffEETerminal.[hm]: Fix capitalization on ICeCoffEETermSubviewSuper.
Pass downEvent to ICCF_HandleException so it can bring the triggering
window to the front.

ICeCoffEETextViewTrigger.[hm]: Moved from ICeCoffEETrigger.

ICeCoffEETrigger.[hm]: Now an abstract superclass. Replace direct
access to ICCF_sharedTrigger with +cancel. Create 0-character range
(if click outside selectedRange) or save selectedRange. Move
debugging logs here from ICeCoffEE.m. Add description method.

ICeCoffEEWebKit.m: Pass downEvent to ICCF_HandleException so it can
bring the triggering window to the front.

Installer components/ui/ui.plist: Updated for 1.5d3.

TestParser?.m: Handle multiline URLs; newlines are printed as \ and
tabs as >. Implement ICCF_StringByRemovingCharactersInSet, which will
move elsewhere once Internet Config support is removed.

VERSION.xcconfig: Updated for 1.5d3.

urls.plist: Test for multiline URLs.

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  • trunk/ICeCoffEE/ICeCoffEE/Installer components/ui/ui.plist

    r387 r388  
    3939        <string>ICeCoffEE</string>
    4040        <key>ProductNumVersion</key>
    41         <integer>22028289</integer>
     41        <integer>22028291</integer>
    4242        <key>ProductType</key>
    4343        <string>Preference Pane</string>
    4444        <key>ProductVersion</key>
    45         <string>1.5d2</string>
     45        <string>1.5d3</string>
    4646        <key>UIPlugin</key>
    4747        <string>UI_SCRInstall.plugin</string>
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