06/23/07 20:46:17 (14 years ago)
Nicholas Riley

ICeCoffEE.[hm]: Move parsing functions (ICCF_CheckRange,
ICCF_Delimiters, ICCF_ParseURL) and Internet Config start/stop
routines (ICCF_Stop/StartIC) to ICeCoffEEParser.[hm] so they can be
tested outside the APE. Also move ICCF_MAX_URL_LEN definition, and
extract guts of NSTextView parsing into ICCF_URLEnclosingRange.
Remove comment about TXNClick; if MLTE is deprecated I'm not going to
mess with it.

ICeCoffEEParser.[hm]: Moved everything discussed above to here.

ICeCoffEEServices.m: Some comments, now I realize how irritating the
service localization problem is.

ICeCoffEETerminal.m: Remove long-unused reference to
ICeCoffEEScanner.h (was from 1.2?).

ICeCoffEEScanner.[hm]: Removed, no longer in use.

TestParser?.m: Very simple first pass at testing. There's much more I
want to do here.

urls.plist: First pass at URL test cases.

ICeCoffEE.xcodeproj: Add TestParser? target (yes, it uses ZeroLink?
because my machine is slow and it actually helps).

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