06/15/07 05:15:03 (17 years ago)
Nicholas Riley

ICeCoffEE.m: I was wrong in [319] about the selection extension stuff
being dumb; explain why in code, even though it's not fixed.
Implement some of the same parens support I did in Terminal. Update
for more robust service info dictionary format.

ICeCoffEEServicePrefController.m: Update for more robust service info
dictionary format.

ICeCoffEEServices.[hm]: Renamed from ICeCoffEESetServicesMenu.[hm],
since we do more now. Service info dictionary-creating code now makes
more sense and no longer has naming collision issues.

ICeCoffEEWebKit.m: Some preliminary Safari 3 compatibility stuff, not
quite working yet. An outstanding question - is it better to rely on
"public" WebCore API or private WebKit API? So far it seems the
latter is more stable.

English.lproj/APEInfo.rtfd: The Bored Zo has a name: use it. Remove
now-erroneous reference to SimpleText since TextEdit support is gone.

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