10/30/06 11:06:21 (14 years ago)
Nicholas Riley

VERSION: Updated for 1.1.

main.c: Disabled -o since it doesn't work.

launch.1: Updated for 1.1. Added description of -a which had been
missing (oops).

README: Updated for 1.1. Turned out the Resorcerer example is still
fine (though rather out of date contextually, oh well.)

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  • trunk/launch/launch/launch.1

    r166 r309  
    1 .Dd Sun Apr 3 2005       \" DATE
     1.Dd Mon Oct 30 2006      \" DATE
    22.Dt LAUNCH 1 LOCAL       \" Program name and manual section number
    3 .Os launch 1.0.1
     3.Os launch 1.1
    44.Sh NAME
    55.Nm launch
    77.Sh SYNOPSIS
    88.Nm launch
    9 .Op Fl npswbmhCXU        \" [-npswbmhCXU]
    10 .Op Fl c Ar creator      \" [-c creator]
    11 .Op Fl i Ar bundleID     \" [-i bundleID]
    12 .Op Fl u Ar URL          \" [-u URL]
    13 .Op Fl a Ar name         \" [-a name]
    14 .Op Ar item ...          \" [item ...]
    15 .Op Ar -                 \" [-]
     9.Op Fl npswbmhCXLU          \" [-npswbmhCXLU]
     10.Op Fl c Ar creator         \" [-c creator]
     11.Op Fl i Ar bundleID        \" [-i bundleID]
     12.Op Fl u Ar URL             \" [-u URL]
     13.Op Fl a Ar name | Ar path  \" [-a name|path]
     14.Op Ar item ...             \" [item ...]
     15.Op Ar -                    \" [-]
    17 .Op Fl npflswbmhCXU
     17.Op Fl npflswbmhCXLU
    1818.Ar item ...
    2424command and opens a file (or a folder/directory or URL), as if you had
    2525double-clicked its icon in the Finder. If no application is specified,
    26 the default application determined by LaunchServices is used to open
     26the default application determined by Launch Services is used to open
    6666.Ar URL
    6767(which must be a file:// URL).
     68.It Fl a Ar name | Ar path
     69Match application named
     70.Ar name
     71or at the path
     72.Ar path .
    99104Don't start the Classic environment for this Classic application if
    100105Classic isn't running.
     106.It Fl L
     107Suppress the normal opening behavior of the application; for example,
     108opening an untitled document.  (This works by sending a "launch", or
     109ascr/noop, Apple event to the application.)
    101110.It Fl U
    102111Interpret items as URLs, even if files with the same names as the URLs
    112121.Xr open 1
    113122.Sh BUGS              \" Document known, unremedied bugs
    114 Launching may be very slow on Mac OS X 10.2.8 and earlier; this is an
    115 acknowledged Mac OS X bug with no known workaround, and may affect
    116 Apple's
    117 .Xr open 1
    118 command as well in certain cases.  It is fixed in Mac OS X 10.3.
    119 .Pp
    120 The
    121 .Fl m
    122 option may not work well (or at all) before Mac OS X 10.3 because of
    123 Mac OS X bugs.
    124 .Pp
    126124.Fl h
    129127option to be used as well, or Cocoa applications will not hide on
    130128startup.  This is a Mac OS X bug which is still unfixed as of Mac OS X
    131 10.3.
    132130.Sh AUTHOR
    133131.An "Nicholas Riley" Aq launchsw@sabi.net
    135 This page written in part by
     133Original man page written by
    136134.An "Hisashi T Fujinaka" Aq htodd@twofifty.com .
    137135.\" .Sh HISTORY           \" Document history if command behaves in a unique manner
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