10/23/03 21:06:33 (19 years ago)
Nicholas Riley

VERSION: Updated for 1.0 (at long last!)

main.c: Dealt with -b/-h issue through documentation in man page,
removed from to do list. Dealt with -X issue through testing and
adding kLSNoClassicEnvironmentErr. Added kLSNoExecutableErr and
kCGErrorApplicationRequiresNewerSystem. Removed
BROKEN_LAUNCHNEWINSTANCE because it's fixed in Panther. Updated for
1.0. Fixed a couple of minor memory leaks. Output errors to stderr
instead of stdout. Work around bug in LSOpenFromURLSpec in Panther
(filed bug already). Don't make '????' look like a trigraph to GCC.

launch.pbproj: Updated for Xcode.

launch.1: Manual page, finally. Documents several known Mac OS X bugs
which interfere with launch's functioning.

README: Updated for 1.0. Added man page installation/removal
instructions, just like appswitch. s/Chimera/Camino/. Added my zsh
e() function as an example. Updated examples to reflect current
software versions and usage. Updated stationery discussion to mention
that Omni apps handle stationery too.

package-launch.sh: Set type/creator of files (not that it matters
since we're not doing a dmg distribution any more). Changes for man
page packaging.

1 edited


  • trunk/launch/package-launch.sh

    r3 r146  
    66find . -name \*~ -exec rm '{}' \; && \
    77pbxbuild && \
    8 SetFile -c 'R*ch' -t 'TEXT' README VERSION && \
     8SetFile -c 'R*ch' -t 'TEXT' README VERSION launch.1 && \
    99strip build/launch && \
    1010sudo /usr/bin/install -c build/launch /usr/local/bin && \
     11sudo /usr/bin/install -c launch.1 /usr/local/man/man1 && \
    1112rm -rf build/launch.build build/intermediates build/.gdb_history && \
    1213VERSION=`cat VERSION` TARBALL="launch-$VERSION.tar.gz" && \
    3132#mv z$DMG $DMG && \
    3233scp $TARBALL ainaz:web/nriley/software/ #$DMG
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