source: trunk @ 304

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
appswitch 163   16 years Nicholas Riley main.c: fix the copyright statement
1001Screenshot 178   15 years Nicholas Riley Properly handle user cancellation in Panther, too.
RetroStatus 209   15 years Nicholas Riley RetroStatus?.py: Fixed missing replacement; removed inapplicable comment.
Cocoa 231   14 years rchin Updated FScript framework zip to current working version …
LocationDo 236   14 years Nicholas Riley brightness.c: new hot-er, um, brightness
ICeCoffEE 282   14 years Nicholas Riley French.lproj/InfoPlist.strings: Fix for Unsanity Installer 3.6.1.
hiptop 299   14 years Nicholas Riley Midnight check - changes "Tomorrow" to "Today" etc. at midnight.
StreamVision 302   14 years Nicholas Riley Use setuptools. StreamVision?.py: HIDRemote helpers aren't …
launch 304   14 years Nicholas Riley README: note Universal, fix accidental line swapping.
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