source: trunk @ 278

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
1001Screenshot 178   16 years Nicholas Riley Properly handle user cancellation in Panther, too.
appswitch 163   17 years Nicholas Riley main.c: fix the copyright statement
Cocoa 231   15 years rchin Updated FScript framework zip to current working version …
hiptop 278   15 years Nicholas Riley Display message on empty list (no longer need to add/remove border). …
ICeCoffEE 272   15 years Nicholas Riley ICeCoffEE.m: Strip intra-URL whitespace, not just leading and …
launch 268   15 years Nicholas Riley main.c: Remove extra debugging statement.
LocationDo 236   15 years Nicholas Riley brightness.c: new hot-er, um, brightness
RetroStatus 209   15 years Nicholas Riley RetroStatus?.py: Fixed missing replacement; removed inapplicable comment.
StreamVision 252   15 years Nicholas Riley Added Radio Paradise Listener Review Channel support.
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