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1.Dd Mon Oct 30 2006      \" DATE
2.Dt LAUNCH 1 LOCAL       \" Program name and manual section number
3.Os launch 1.1
5.Nm launch
6.Nd find, open, print, or get information about files, folders, disks and URLs
8.Nm launch
9.Op Fl npswbmhCXLU          \" [-npswbmhCXLU]
10.Op Fl c Ar creator         \" [-c creator]
11.Op Fl i Ar bundleID        \" [-i bundleID]
12.Op Fl u Ar URL             \" [-u URL]
13.Op Fl a Ar name | Ar path  \" [-a name|path]
14.Op Ar item ...             \" [item ...]
15.Op Ar -                    \" [-]
17.Op Fl npflswbmhCXLU
18.Ar item ...
22command is a replacement for Mac OS X's
23.Xr open 1
24command and opens a file (or a folder/directory or URL), as if you had
25double-clicked its icon in the Finder. If no application is specified,
26the default application determined by Launch Services is used to open
30invoked with a file or URL argument will open the URL directly or in
31your preferred helper application. Applications can be specified by
32their four-character creators (e.g. 'ToyS') or Java-style bundle ID
36can ask applications to print documents, a feature the OS X Finder is
37still missing.  It can open applications in the background; can open
38multiple copies of applications; can open Carbon applications in
39Classic, or prevent Classic from starting; and can show information
40about any item on disk, including file type, creator, data and
41resource fork sizes, dates, and bundle ID.
43The options to
45are divided in three sections according to purpose. You can give
47a reference to an application in many ways, using the matching
48options. Once
50has identified one or more items, the action options indicate what to
51do with these items. Finally, if the action involves launching an
52application, the launch options allow further customization.
53.Ss Matching options
54.Bl -tag -width -indent
55.It Fl c Ar creator
56Match by creator (a four-character code, also known as a signature).
57.It Fl i Ar bundleID
58Match by bundle identifier, usually consisting of the reversed dot
59(.)-separated components of the application developer's Internet domain
60name, followed by the application name.  For example, the Finder's
61bundle identifier is
62.Ar .
63Bundle identifiers are not case-sensitive.
64.It Fl u Ar URL
65Match application at
66.Ar URL
67(which must be a file:// URL).
68.It Fl a Ar name | Ar path
69Match application named
70.Ar name
71or at the path
72.Ar path .
75In addition to the above, you can specify applications, documents,
76folders, disks and URLs as item arguments.
77.Ss Action options
78.Bl -tag -width -indent
79.It Fl n
80Print matching paths/URLs instead of opening them.
81.It Fl p
82Ask application(s) to print document(s).
83.It Fl f
84Display information about item(s).
85.It Fl l
86Launch URLs, treating "http://" URLs as Web sites instead of WebDAV
89.Ss Launch options
90.Bl -tag -width -indent
91.It Fl s
92Launch target(s) as superuser, authenticating if needed.
93.It Fl w
94Wait for application to finish opening before exiting.
95.It Fl b
96Launch application in the background.
97.It Fl m
98Launch application again, even if already running.
99.It Fl h
100Hide application after it finishes opening.
101.It Fl C
102Force CFM/PEF Carbon application to open in Classic.
103.It Fl X
104Don't start the Classic environment for this Classic application if
105Classic isn't running.
106.It Fl L
107Suppress the normal opening behavior of the application; for example,
108opening an untitled document.  (This works by sending a "launch", or
109ascr/noop, Apple event to the application.)
110.It Fl U
111Interpret items as URLs, even if files with the same names as the URLs
112exist.  (This was the default behavior in
117.\" List links in ascending order by section, alphabetically within a section.
118.\" Please do not reference files that do not exist without filing a bug report
119.Xr appswitch 1 ,
120.Xr GetFileInfo 1 ,
121.Xr open 1
122.Sh BUGS              \" Document known, unremedied bugs
124.Fl h
125option requires the
126.Fl b
127option to be used as well, or Cocoa applications will not hide on
128startup.  This is a Mac OS X bug which is still unfixed as of Mac OS X
131.An "Nicholas Riley" Aq
133Original man page written by
134.An "Hisashi T Fujinaka" Aq .
135.\" .Sh HISTORY           \" Document history if command behaves in a unique manner
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