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VERSION: Updated for 1.0.1.

main.c: Updated copyright statement. Updated for 1.0.1. Added -U,
triggers OPTS.forceURLs. Added kLSMultipleSessionsNotSupportedErr,
nsvErr. Cleaned up string encoding handling; works much better now.
Split code into stringFromURLIsRemote, utf8StringFromCFStringRef, and
utf8StringFromOSType. Display "contents: zero items" instead of "0
items" in printMoreInfoForURL. Remove extraneous "./" at beginning of
displayed paths. Get versions of non-{applications, packages} and
info from nonbundled apps with CFBundleCopyInfoDictionaryForURL.
Replaced some error codes with numbers so we support building on 10.2

launch.1: Updated for 1.0.1 and -U option.

README: Updated for 1.0.1. Fixed a paste-o in the uninstallation
instructions. Use zsh explicitly. Build as deployment. Fix
permissions. Make tarball contents owned by root/wheel.

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