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appswitch.1: Updated for appswitch 1.1.

VERSION: Updated for appswitch 1.1.

main.c: Updated copyright date in one place I forgot. Updated for
appswitch 1.1. Worked around Leopard CPS/Process Manager issue.

README: Updated for appswitch 1.1. Summarized changes. Fixed a
couple of omissions (e.g., -a). Removed now-fixed bugs; added the -S
breakage issue with Leopard and Spaces.

appswitch.xcodeproj: No substantive changes.

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1.Dd Tue Nov 6 2007       \" DATE
2.Dt APPSWITCH 1 LOCAL    \" Program name and manual section number
3.Os appswitch 1.1
5.Nm appswitch
6.Nd switch, hide, show, quit, kill or list Mac OS X applications
8.Nm appswitch
9.Op Fl sShHqkKlLPfF      \" [-sShHqkKlLPfF]
10.Op Fl c Ar creator      \" [-c creator]
11.Op Fl i Ar bundleID     \" [-i bundleID]
12.Op Fl a Ar name         \" [-a name]
13.Op Fl p Ar pid          \" [-p pid]
14.Op Ar path              \" [path]
17controls the ordering and visibility of Mac OS X application windows.
19can also list or kill running applications.
20.Ss Matching options
21Matching identifies one or more applications to manipulate.
22.Bl -tag -width -indent
23.It Fl c Ar creator
24Match by creator (a four-character code, also known as a signature).
25.It Fl i Ar bundle ID
26Match by bundle identifier, usually consisting of the reversed dot
27(.)-separated components of the application developer's Internet domain
28name, followed by the application name.  For example, the Finder's
29bundle identifier is
30.Ar .
31Bundle identifiers are not case-sensitive.
33If you're extremely concerned about the speed of matching, any other
34match method is faster than a match by bundle identifier.
35.It Fl a Ar name
36Match by application name.  This is not a recommended match criterion
37as applications may be renamed at any time.
38.It Fl p Ar pid
39Match by process identifier (PID), a positive integer.
40.It Ar path
41Match by bundle path.  For packaged applications, this is the package
42directory whose name typically has the .app extension, for example
43.Ar /Applications/
44for the default installation location of TextEdit.  For non-packaged
45applications, this is the path to the executable itself.
47.Ss Application actions
48These actions apply to the matched application. If multiple
49applications match the supplied criteria, only the first matching
50application is acted upon.  The list option
51.Fl l
52displays all matching applications.
53.Bl -tag -width -indent
54.It Fl s
55Show the application, making the application's windows frontmost.  Do
56not switch to the application.
57.It Fl h
58Hide the application's windows.
59.It Fl q
60Quit the application.
61.It Fl k
62Kill (force quit) the application.  Sends the
64signal to the application, which the application may
65ignore.  Equivalent to selecting
66.Dq Force Quit
67from an application's menu in the Dock for the first time.
68.It Fl K
69Kill (force quit) the application.  Sends the
71signal to the application, which the application may not ignore.
72Equivalent to selecting
73.Dq Force Quit
74from an application's menu in the Dock for the second time.
75.It Fl l
76List applications in a format similar to that of
77.Xr ps 1 .
78The columns of the listing are as follows:
79.Bl -tag -width indent
80.It PSN
81The process serial number of the application.  Process serial numbers
82are unique identifiers among both native Mac OS X and Classic
84.It PID
85The process identifier, a positive integer which uniquely identifies
86native Mac OS X processes, usable with the
87.Fl p
88matching option.  Because all Classic applications run inside
89TruBlueEnvironment, a single Mac OS X process, their process
90identifiers appear as -1.
91.It TYPE
92The four-character code identifying the process's type, usually
93.Ql APPL
94for most applications or
95.Ql FNDR
96for the Finder.
97Classic applications include additional types such as
98.Ql appe
100.Ql APPC
101for applications which perform the functions of extensions and control
102panels, respectively.  Depending on the Mac OS X version, non-packaged
103applications may appear with no type or the type
104.Ql ???? .
105.It CREA
106The four-character code identifying the application's creator, usable with the
107.Fl c
108matching option. Some Mac OS X applications have no creator, appearing
110.Ql ???? ;
111for these applications you must use the bundle identifier,
112name or path as match criteria.
113.It NAME
114The user-visible application name, usable with the
115.Fl a
116matching option. This field is truncated to 20 characters; the
117remainder of longer application names is not displayed.
118.It PATH
119The path to the application bundle, or to the application executable
120if the application is not packaged, usable with the
121.Ar path
122matching option. This field is truncated to the window width, or to 80
123characters if the window width cannot be determined.
125.It Fl L
126List applications in a format similar to that of
127.Xr ps 1 .
128The columns of the listing are as above, but the path field is not
129truncated to the window width, and a bundle identifier is added in
130parentheses after the path, usable with the
131.Fl i
132matching option.
133.It Fl P
134Print the application's process identifier (PID), a positive integer
135and unique identifier for all applications except Classic
137.It Fl f
138Switch to the application, bringing only the frontmost window of the
139application to the front.
141.Ss Actions
142These actions affect all applications currently running.
143.Bl -tag -width -indent
144.It Fl S
145Show all applications, layering the windows of initially hidden
146applications on top.
147.It Fl H
148Hide windows of all applications other than the matched application,
149or the frontmost application if no application has been matched.
150.It Fl F
151Order the current application's windows to the front.
154.\" List links in ascending order by section, alphabetically within a section.
155.\" Please do not reference files that do not exist without filing a bug report
156.Xr open 1 ,
157.Xr launch 1 ,
158.Xr ps 1 ,
159.Xr kill 1 ,
160.Xr GetFileInfo 1
161.Sh BUGS              \" Document known, unremedied bugs
163.Fl S
164option may not work in Mac OS X 10.5 with Spaces enabled.
166.An "Nicholas Riley" Aq
167.\" .Sh HISTORY           \" Document history if command behaves in a unique manner
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