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1from distutils.core import setup
2import py2app
4# Retrospect wants the event handler called "Retrospect Event Handler" without
5# the .app suffix; py2app doesn't want to create apps with no suffix
6class TrueEmpty(object):
7    def __str__(self): return ''
8    def __add__(self, other): return other
9    def __radd__(self, other): return other
11setup(name='Retrospect Event Handler',
12      version='1.0a1',
13      app=[''],
14      options=dict(py2app=
15                   dict(extension=TrueEmpty(),
16                        iconfile='RetroClient.icns',
17                        plist=dict(NSAppleScriptEnabled=True,
18                                   CFBundleIdentifier='net.sabi.RetroStatus'))))
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