source: trunk/ICeCoffEE/ICeCoffEE/ICeCoffEEShared.m@ 319

Last change on this file since 319 was 319, checked in by Nicholas Riley, 17 years ago

VERSION: Starting with 1.5d1.

ICeCoffEEKeyEquivalents.m: Support "collision font" for displaying key
equivalent conflicts.

ICeCoffEE.m: Increase debug ICCF_MAX_URL_LEN to 120 for testing. Set
icons in ICCF_ConsolidateServicesMenu (needs better caching).

ICeCoffEEServicePrefController.m: Display icons, proper key
equivalents (instead of #, what was I thinking?!) and conflicts. Fix
a dumb bug in ICCF_PropagateServiceStateChange. Ellipsize long menu
items rather than chopping them off. Fix key equivalent column
getting moved when expanding disclosure triangles.

ICeCoffEELabeledIconCell.[hm]: An IconRef-displaying text cell.

Info-APE Module.plist: Update version to 1.5d1.

ICeCoffEE.xcodeproj: Added files, no significant changes.

English.lproj/InfoPlist.strings: Update version to 1.5d1.

English.lproj/APEInfo.rtfd/TXT.rtf: Some overdue documentation

ICeCoffEEShared.[hm]: Enable debugging; we're now using
kICServiceShortcut (though not yet for customizable shortcuts) so
define its data type.

ICeCoffEETerminal.m: Remove some useless code to "extend to beginning
of string" which seems to have been stolen from the NSTextView
implementation and not well understood. Handle common uses of
parentheses in URLs; still need to do this for NSTextView.

ICeCoffEESetServicesMenu.[hm]: Needs renaming; now with icon
extraction functionality and semi-working code to create a service
info dictionary.

Info-APEManagerPrefPane.plist: Update version to 1.5d1.

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2 * ICeCoffEEShared.m
3 * ICeCoffEE APE
4 *
5 * Created by Nicholas Riley on Wed Jan 22 2003.
6 * Copyright (c) 2003 Nicholas Riley. All rights reserved.
7 *
8 */
10#include "ICeCoffEEShared.h"
11#import <Foundation/NSString.h>
13const OSType kICCFCreator = 'ICCF';
14const CFStringRef kICBundleIdentifier = (CFStringRef)@"net.sabi.ICeCoffEE";
16// ICeCoffEE 1.1/1.2 CFPreferences
17const CFStringRef kIC12PrefExcluded = (CFStringRef)@"Excluded Applications"; // CFArray of CFDictionaries
18const CFStringRef kIC12PrefExcludedAppSpecifierBundleID = (CFStringRef)@"CFBundleID"; // CFDictionary key
20// CFPreferences
21const CFStringRef kICLastLoadedVersion = (CFStringRef)@"ICLastLoadedVersion"; // CFNumber (bool)
22const CFStringRef kICCommandClickEnabled = (CFStringRef)@"ICCommandClickEnabled"; // CFNumber (bool)
23const CFStringRef kICTextBlinkEnabled = (CFStringRef)@"ICTextBlinkEnabled"; // CFNumber (bool)
24const CFStringRef kICTextBlinkCount = (CFStringRef)@"ICTextBlinkCount"; // CFNumber (int)
25const CFStringRef kICServicesInContextualMenu = (CFStringRef)@"ICServicesInContextualMenu"; // CFNumber (bool)
26const CFStringRef kICServicesInMenuBar = (CFStringRef)@"ICServicesInMenuBar"; // CFNumber (bool)
27const CFStringRef kICServiceOptions = (CFStringRef)@"ICServiceOptions"; // CFDictionary
28const CFStringRef kICTerminalRequireOptionForSelfDrag = (CFStringRef)@"ICTerminalRequireOptionForSelfDrag"; // CFNumber (Boolean)
29const CFStringRef kICErrorSoundEnabled = (CFStringRef)@"ICErrorSoundEnabled"; // CFNumber (bool)
30const CFStringRef kICErrorDialogEnabled = (CFStringRef)@"ICErrorDialogEnabled"; // CFNumber (bool)
32// kICServiceOptions, ServiceInfo dictionary keys
33const CFStringRef kICServiceSubmenu = (CFStringRef)@"ICServiceSubmenu"; // CFDictionary
34const CFStringRef kICServiceHidden = (CFStringRef)@"ICServiceHidden"; // CFNumber (Boolean)
35const CFStringRef kICServiceShortcut = (CFStringRef)@"ICServiceShortcut"; // CFString
36const CFStringRef kICServiceBundlePath = (CFStringRef)@"ICServiceBundlePath"; // CFString
38// APEBundleMessages
39const CFStringRef kICPreferencesChanged = (CFStringRef)@"ICPreferencesChanged";
41// UI constants
42const int kICHysteresisPixels = 4;
43const int kICBlinkDelayUsecs = 60000;
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