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Last change on this file since 113 was 113, checked in by Nicholas Riley, 19 years ago

PSTimer.m: Fix bug 15, leaking PSTimer from NSInvocation argument retention.

Read Me.rtfd: Updated release notes.

PSAlarm.[hm]: Removed obsolete comment. Changed 1m-59m times to
display without `0h'. Moved code from deserialization to -resetTimer
to be used for alarm deletion undo - fix bug 14.

PSAlarmsController.m: Fix bug 14 - implement _restoreAlarms:,
_removeAlarms and _undoManager. Need to add localized string.

PSAlarmAlertController.m: Fix bug 17, move alert triggering from
constructor to -performAlertsForAlarm: to avoid nested notifications
delivering in wrong order.

PSAlarms.[hm]: Fix bug 14 - implement -restoreAlarms, invokes [PSAlarm
resetTimer]. Clarified a comment. Uncommented some debug logging. Implemented partition map-less disk image, saves a
few K on distribution. Removed obsolete comments. Added agvtool

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