source: trunk/Cocoa/Pester/Source/PSTimeDateEditor.m @ 355

Last change on this file since 355 was 355, checked in by Nicholas Riley, 14 years ago

English.lproj/MainMenu.nib: Modernize menu and alarm set dialog
layout. Use keyed archiving (10.2+) nib format.

Info-Pester.plist: Moved from old PBX project.

NJRFSObjectSelector.m: Bug fixes from code sent to Joey: remove
incorrect usage of tryToPerform:with:; fix logic error in menu
construction. Work around Cocoa's deciding that the menu font size
needs adjustment when it doesn't - so the menu font size now matches
the button font size, though the position is still off. Don't pop up
a menu if we're disabled. Use IconRefs? for menu icons, though not
(yet) for the button icon.

NJRHistoryTrackingComboBox.m: Remove item height adjustment
workaround; it now makes the items too tall.

NJRHotKey.m: Add a missing [super dealloc] caught by current GCC.

NJRHotKeyField.m: Add a missing [super dealloc] caught by current GCC.

NJRHotKeyManager.m: Add a missing [super dealloc] caught by current

NJRIntervalField.m: Fix some type errors.

NJRQTMediaPopUpButton.m: Replace SoundFileManager? SPI usage, which
doesn't work in Leopard anyway, with manual enumeration of system
sounds. Start migration to QTKit. Use IconRefs? for menu icons.

NJRReadMeController.m: Change source encoding to UTF-8.

NJRSoundManager.m: Fix a type error.

NJRVoicePopUpButton.m: Change source encoding to UTF-8.

NSMenuItem-NJRExtensions.[hm]: Code from ICeCoffEE to use IconRefs? for
menu item icons.

PSAlarm.m: Change source encoding to UTF-8.

PSAlarms.m: Fix a signedness mismatch.

PSAlarmsController.m: Change source encoding to UTF-8.

PSAlarmSetController.m: Set keyboard focus after unchecking "Do
script:" and "Play" checkboxes.

PSAlerts.m: Add a missing [super dealloc] caught by current GCC. Fix
a memory leak in property list serialization.

PSPowerManager.[hm]: There's now API for scheduling wakeups; use it
(the old code asserted on startup). To fix: removing scheduled
wakeup. Fix a small type-checking error.

PSPreferencesController.m: Add a missing [super dealloc] caught by
current GCC.

PSScriptAlert.m: Change source encoding to UTF-8.

PSTimeDateEditor.m: Fix a tiny, and one-time, memory leak.

PSTimer.m: Update for new PSPowerManager API.

Pester.pbproj: Deleted; now supporting OS X 10.4+ (up from 10.1,

Pester.xcodeproj: Xcode 2.4+ project, upgraded targets, etc.

SoundFileManager?.h: Deleted; this SPI no longer exists in Leopard and
possibly earlier.

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2//  PSTimeDateEditor.m
3//  Pester
5//  Created by Nicholas Riley on Sun Feb 16 2003.
6//  Copyright (c) 2003 Nicholas Riley. All rights reserved.
9#import "PSTimeDateEditor.h"
10#import "NJRDateFormatter.h"
12@implementation PSTimeDateEditor
14+ (void)setUpTimeField:(NSTextField *)timeOfDay dateField:(NSTextField *)timeDate completions:(NSPopUpButton *)timeDateCompletions;
16    static NJRDateFormatter *timeFormatter = nil, *dateFormatter = nil;
17    if (timeFormatter == nil) {
18        timeFormatter = [[NJRDateFormatter alloc] initWithDateFormat: [NJRDateFormatter localizedTimeFormatIncludingSeconds: NO] allowNaturalLanguage: YES];
19        dateFormatter = [[NJRDateFormatter alloc] initWithDateFormat: [NJRDateFormatter localizedDateFormatIncludingWeekday: NO] allowNaturalLanguage: YES];
20    }
21    [timeOfDay setFormatter: timeFormatter];
22    [timeDate setFormatter: dateFormatter];
23    [timeDate setObjectValue: [NSDate date]];
25    // add completions
26    NSUserDefaults *defaults = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults];
27    NSArray *dayNames = [defaults arrayForKey: NSWeekDayNameArray];
28    NSArray *completions = [timeDateCompletions itemTitles];
29    NSEnumerator *e = [completions objectEnumerator];
30    NSString *title;
31    int itemIndex = 0;
32    NSRange matchingRange;
33    while ( (title = [e nextObject]) != nil) {
34        matchingRange = [title rangeOfString: @"«day»"];
35        if (matchingRange.location != NSNotFound) {
36            NSMutableString *format = [title mutableCopy];
37            NSEnumerator *we = [dayNames objectEnumerator];
38            NSString *dayName;
39            [format deleteCharactersInRange: matchingRange];
40            [format insertString: @"%@" atIndex: matchingRange.location];
41            [timeDateCompletions removeItemAtIndex: itemIndex];
42            while ( (dayName = [we nextObject]) != nil) {
43                [timeDateCompletions insertItemWithTitle: [NSString stringWithFormat: format, dayName] atIndex: itemIndex];
44                itemIndex++;
45            }
46            [format release];
47        } else itemIndex++;
48    }
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