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Last change on this file since 361 was 361, checked in by Nicholas Riley, 15 years ago

VERSION: Updated for 1.1b5.

English.lproj/InfoPlist.strings: Updated for 1.1b5.

English.lproj/MainMenu.nib: Change IB compatibility level to 10.4.
Disable controls which lead to unstable functionality in this version.
Added Sparkle support. Hook up removeMessageButton to
PSAlarmSetController for "-" fallback drawing.

English.lproj/Preferences.nib: Added Sparkle checkbox.

English.lproj/Read Me.nib: Leopard-ized with source list coloring,
highlight and removed focus ring (which caused artifacts anyway).

English.lproj/Snooze until.nib: Use new natural language date strings
and calendar button bezel style.

Info-Pester.plist: Updated for 1.1b5. Added Sparkle support.

NJRDateFormatter.m: Comment out debug logging on every keystroke.

PSAlarmSetController.[hm]: If "-" image exists (on Leopard), don't
draw it with text as well.

PSAlerts.m: Don't describe bounce alert (which is present for
backwards compatibility, but doesn't work yet in this version).

PSPowerManager.m: Temporarily disable; untested in this version.

Pester.xcodeproj: Change Development/Deployment to Debug/Release.
Link to Sparkle. STRIP_INSTALLED_PRODUCT=NO on release version for
now (eventually, can investigate using symbol files).

Read Me.rtfd: Updated for 1.1b5. Use real links. Clean up release
notes. Credit Sparkle and Date::Manip. Clean up styles so they look
better in the read me viewer. Fix Omni link.

Sparkle.diff: Changes to Sparkle, which is included as an external.
These aren't yet automatically applied.

Updates/Application icon.png: The icon converted to a PNG. This will
probably go away as it's too big.

Updates/release-notes.css: Release notes CSS based on the example that
comes with Sparkle.

Updates/release-notes.html: Dummy release notes file; nobody should
see this yet.

Updates/updates.xml: Initial Sparkle appcast file. Update for xcodebuild, Sparkle, etc. No longer
include source in download.

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2// PSAlarmSetController.h
3// Pester
5// Created by Nicholas Riley on Tue Oct 08 2002.
6// Copyright (c) 2002 Nicholas Riley. All rights reserved.
9#import <AppKit/AppKit.h>
10#import "PSAlarm.h"
12@class NJRFSObjectSelector;
13@class NJRIntervalField;
14@class NJRQTMediaPopUpButton;
15@class NJRVoicePopUpButton;
17@interface PSAlarmSetController : NSWindowController <NSUserInterfaceValidations> {
18 IBOutlet NSTextField *messageField;
19 IBOutlet NSButton *removeMessageButton;
20 IBOutlet NSMatrix *inAtMatrix;
21 IBOutlet NJRIntervalField *timeInterval;
22 IBOutlet NSPopUpButton *timeIntervalUnits;
23 IBOutlet NSButton *timeIntervalRepeats;
24 IBOutlet NSTextField *timeOfDay;
25 IBOutlet NSTextField *timeDate;
26 IBOutlet NSPopUpButton *timeDateCompletions; // XXX should go away when bug preventing both formatters and popup menus from existing is fixed
27 IBOutlet NSButton *timeCalendarButton;
28 IBOutlet NSButtonCell *editAlert;
29 IBOutlet NSTextField *alertView;
30 IBOutlet NSTabView *alertTabs;
31 IBOutlet NSButtonCell *displayMessage;
32 IBOutlet NSButton *bounceDockIcon;
33 IBOutlet NSButtonCell *playSound;
34 IBOutlet NJRQTMediaPopUpButton *sound;
35 IBOutlet NSButton *soundVolumeButton;
36 IBOutlet NSTextField *soundRepetitions;
37 IBOutlet NSStepper *soundRepetitionStepper;
38 IBOutlet NSTextField *soundRepetitionsLabel;
39 IBOutlet NSButtonCell *doScript;
40 IBOutlet NJRFSObjectSelector *script;
41 IBOutlet NSButtonCell *doSpeak;
42 IBOutlet NJRVoicePopUpButton *voice;
43 IBOutlet NSButton *scriptSelectButton;
44 IBOutlet NSButtonCell *wakeUp;
45 IBOutlet NSTextField *timeSummary;
46 IBOutlet NSButton *cancelButton;
47 IBOutlet NSButton *setButton;
48 NSString *status;
49 NSTimer *updateTimer;
50 PSAlarm *alarm;
51 BOOL isInterval;
54- (IBAction)update:(id)sender;
55- (IBAction)dateCompleted:(NSPopUpButton *)sender;
56- (IBAction)showCalendar:(NSButton *)sender;
57- (IBAction)inAtChanged:(id)sender;
58- (IBAction)toggleAlertEditor:(id)sender;
59- (IBAction)editAlertChanged:(id)sender;
60- (IBAction)playSoundChanged:(id)sender;
61- (IBAction)showVolume:(NSButton *)sender;
62- (IBAction)doScriptChanged:(id)sender;
63- (IBAction)doSpeakChanged:(id)sender;
64- (IBAction)setAlarm:(NSButton *)sender;
65- (IBAction)setSoundRepetitionCount:(id)sender;
67- (IBAction)silence:(id)sender;
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