source: trunk/Cocoa/F-Script Anywhere/Source/FSAnywhere.m @ 409

Last change on this file since 409 was 409, checked in by Nicholas Riley, 12 years ago

Info.plists, VERSION.xcconfig: Using Dave Dribin's build configuration
trick to propagate ${CURRENT_MARKETING_VERSION}. Updated for 2.0d2.

InfoPlist?.strings: Remove unnecessary repeated localization; update
copyright date.

Read Me: Updated for 2.0d2.

FSAnywhere.[hm]: F-Script 2.0a2 is the minimum version. Remove
FSA_VERSION (it's propagated from CURRENT_MARKETING_VERSION during
build) and turn on FSA_DEBUG.

F-Script Anywhere.xcodeproj: Updated for Xcode 3, Leopard only, etc.
Development build is still broken on inject and Deployment app build
is currently -O0 for debugging. Grammar/formatting cleanups. Some annoying race conditions
on startup still exist.

File size: 321 bytes
2//  FSAnywhere.m
3//  F-Script Anywhere
5//  Created by Nicholas Riley on Sat Feb 02 2002.
6//  Copyright (c) 2002 Nicholas Riley. All rights reserved.
9#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
10#import "FSAnywhere.h"
12NSString * FSA_FScriptURL = @"";
13NSString * FSA_FScriptMinimumVersion = @"2.0a2";
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